Lab Quality

Mission Statement – Lab Quality Policy

A2LA 17025 AccreditedOur mission is to grow our organization based on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership by:

  • Constantly improving our lab quality by continuously improving our work and services
  • Striving to exceed each customer’s expectations
  • Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles
  • Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment to achieve career goals

Lab Quality Program

  • A2LA 17025 accredited
  • SOP Commissioning and Calibration of labs
  • PE Construction Lab Quality Assurance Plan:
    • Inspection of all material received on site for design conformity, proper documentation, and condition
    • Ensure the installation of all material and workmanship are competed in a timely manner
    • Verify that all laboratory design requirements are met
    • Verify that all provisions have been made to provide required testing
    • Conduct ISO 17025 accredited certifications and re-certifications