Laboratory Certification Services

Laboratory Certification – Precision Environments, Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

Laboratory Certification

Precision Environments, Inc. offers ISO 17025 accredited laboratory certification testing to demonstrate compliance with design requirements. With over 25 years of experience testing, certifying and maintaining equipment for environmental control, Precision Environments, Inc. guarantees compliance with national and international standards, industry standards and business-specific standards. Precision Environments, Inc. concludes all certification testing with comprehensive ISO 17025 compliant reports and certificate, detailing test procedures test results with stated uncertainties.

Laboratory Certification Tests

  • Temperature stability and gradient testing
  • Humidity testing
  • Air velocity testing
  • Room pressurization
  • Cleanliness testing
  • Lab recovery testing
  • Illumination testing
  • EMI/RFI, ESD and other tests as required

Industry-leading Controlled Environments

Precision Environments, Inc. is a one-stop source for world-class design-build modular controlled environments. Precision Environments’ turnkey offering covers the entire cleanroom implementation process, from concept to certification. With extensive cross-market industry knowledge, we deliver high-performing modular controlled environments that enhance your business results.

Controlled Environments Built for Compliance

Our modular cleanrooms are designed to meet your ISO classification requirements, built for compliance and superior performance.

  • Class 1 / ISO 3
  • Class 10 / ISO 4
  • Class 100 / ISO 5
  • Class 1000 / ISO 6
  • Class 10000 / ISO 7
  • Class 100000 / ISO 8

A2LA 17025 Accredited Controlled Environment Design/Build Company
Precision Environments, Inc. is an A2LA 17025 Accredited company, specializing in the design, construction and certification of controlled environments.

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