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Industrial Clean Room Design & Construction

Industrial Clean Room Design & Construction

A world leader in Industrial clean room installation. Precision Environments and the Precision Cleanrooms division specialize in the design and construction of custom industrial clean room environments that are custom fit for your business needs. We offer turnkey cleanroom development from concept and design, to construction and certification.

Industrial Clean Room Project Details

Client: Power Company

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Industry: Nuclear Power Industry

Cleanroom Type: Industrial Clean Room

Size: 72’ x 23’ x 13’ nominal with 11’ ceiling height

Designed By: Precision Cleanrooms a division of Precision Environments, Inc.

Installed By: Precision Cleanrooms a division of Precision Environments, Inc.

Cleanliness Class: Class 100,000 Industrial Clean Room

  • 57’ long X 10’ wide biparting roof mounted crane access door
  • Temperature humidity control
  • Cleanroom mechanical design and installation
  • Cleanroom electrical design and installation
  • Free-standing cleanroom
  • Cleanroom structural design and installation
  • Cleanroom control system design and installation
  • Cleanroom testing and certification

Industrial Clean room laboratory for rotor balancing and rework

Pressurized Clean Rotor Rework Room Design & Construction

Precision Environments, Inc. designed and manufactured an industrial clean room laboratory for Alstom Power, Inc. From concept to completion, Precision Environments designed and constructed in a prefabricated, modular fashion to permit partial or full disassembly for future expansion or laboratory site relocation. Precision Environments provided cleanroom services including:

  • Industrial Laboratory Planning and Pricing
  • Design and Engineering including
    • Architectural design
    • Systems: HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
    • Process design and control
    • Environmental controls
  • Construction of all modular laboratory components and installation
  • Certification of all industrial clean room environments
  • Preventative maintenance of industrial clean room environment
  • Operations and Maintenance manuals and training

Industrial Clean Room Highlights

The industrial clean room measures: 78’ X 23’ X 13’

A 57’ L X 10’ W roof opening with bi-parting door was installed so that the rotor being tested could enter the room.

Constructed with freestanding modular wall and roof systems

Cleanroom doors, windows and diamond plate floor with heavy-duty screw-on cove base

Fully sealed to ensure room pressurization

Roof Access Door:

The 57’ long bi-parting sliding roof access door was installed to support the easy entry of large industrial rotors. Each door panel is approximately 6’ long, cantilevered via slides over the 10’ opening. For stability and support, the industrial clean room doors are supported on 10’ centers by slides attached to structural steel. The doors open and close by riding on the slides via roller bearings.

The doors are constructed of 1” tube architectural aluminum frame to provide a heavy duty rigid support of door panels. The industrial clean room doors are pneumatically operated via rodless pneumatic cylinders. The door is gasket sealed to the roof deck to provide a positive closure for room pressurization.

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Industrial Clean Room Design & Construction

Precision Environments, Inc. has been an industry leader in the design, construction, certification and servicing of controlled environments both domestically and internationally since 1989. Located in West Chester, Ohio, Precision Environments creates turnkey solutions for many diverse clients in many industries, allowing them to efficiently conduct their daily business.

From lab planning and budgeting, laboratory design, laboratory construction and laboratory certification, we work interactively with every customer to develop a perfect solution for your operational expectations and budget. We apply the proper mechanical technology for each project to provide environments which maximize your operational results and meet the specifications required of your business and the production environment.

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A2LA 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory Design Contractor

A2LA Accredited Laboratory ContractorPrecision Environments, Inc. is an A2LA 17025 Accredited company. We design, build and certify mission-critical laboratory environments meeting national and local codes.