CMM Rooms

CMM Rooms that Ensure Products are Manufactured to the Highest Level of Accuracy and Quality

Turnkey CMM Rooms

CMM Rooms

CMM Rooms

As the leading provider of Controlled Measurement Machine (CMM) Rooms in the US, Precision Environments has over 30 years of experience designing and building quality CMM rooms. We have worked with customers across the globe to deliver industry leading CMM environments that are utilized to conduct dimensional measurements in manufacturing inspection, gauge calibration, and other applications. Measurement accuracy is dependent on whether the CMM room’s environmental conditions meet the industry’s specific standards for temperature, humidity, cleanroom classifications, air velocity, and pressurization.


CMM Room Conditions

Typical CMM room environmental conditions include:

  • Temperature Set Point: ± 0.01°C to 1.0°C
  • Humidity Set Point: ± 1% RH to 5% RH
  • Cleanroom: ISO Class 1 thru Class 8
  • Pressure: Positive
  • Air Velocity: 3 FPM to 20 FPM
  • Lighting: 50 FC to 100 FC

Turnkey CMM Solutions

From concept through design and construction, Precision Environments works interactively with each client to develop a CMM solution appropriate for the operational expectations and budget. We guarantee project performance and ensure that your CMM room will provide the perfect environment for your laboratory needs. Our team ensures that certification is met and that your laboratory environment is delivered on time and on budget.

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