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Our Commitment to Safety

At Precision Environments, we are committed to environmental health and safety – safety is a core value. We believe in an incident and injury free environment. All our employees are trained, empowered, and held accountable to maintain a safe workspace.

From rigorous training and hazard assessments to regular safety audits and emergency response planning, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the safety of our workers, clients, and the public. Our team of experts works to stay ahead of industry standards and implement the latest safety technologies and best practices.

We are proud to have a safety record that speaks for itself, and we believe that our commitment to safety sets us apart from the competition. Whether you’re a customer, a partner, or an employee, you can trust that when you work with Precision Environments, you’re in good hands.

So if you’re looking for a company that truly values the safety of its people, look no further. Precision Environments is the partner you can count on.

Safety Metrics

  • 0.77 EMR Rating
  • 576,000+ man hours worked with zero lost time accident / injuries
  • 100% of Precision Environments field workers are certified with OSHA 30-hour training in addition to having current first aid, CPR and AED training
  • Zero Tolerance Safety Policy
  • 12 Safety Trainings per year with a J. J. Keller customized Health, Safety, and Compliance Training program


EMR Rating


Lost Time to Accidents or Injuries


OSHA Certified


Tolerance Safety Policy

At Precision Environments, we are fully committed to the safe delivery of our projects through the following processes:

  • All project personnel will fully understand his/her project’s specific health and safety requirements.
  • All subcontractors’ safety programs will be thoroughly reviewed during the pre-qualification process. After award, subcontractors will be provided with our detailed Precision Environments EHS Processes and Procedures Manual.
  • All project personnel will be required to attend a pre-mobilization meeting to identify, analyze and discuss project-specific safety hazards, and develop and executive Project Safety Management and Emergency Response plans.
  • Our site personnel will conduct regular project team coordination meetings and safety huddles that promote communication between all parties to identify and resolve safety issues before they occur.
  • We will strive to meet and/or exceed all applicable laws and regulations where your project is located.
Safety Quality Program

Our Commitment to Quality

At Precision Environments, we are fully committed to delivering a high-quality project while maintaining the highest ethical, safety, environmental and professional standards.


Our objectives are to:

  • Ensure that all work performed by Precision Environments conforms to contract documents and functional performance requirements.
  • Select quality-oriented subcontractors and ensure that their work is performed by highly qualified craftsmen.
  • Perform inspections in a timely manner to minimize construction defects, rework, and final punch list items.
  • Ensure that all warranties are preserved.
  • Organize all project documentation to provide clients with easy access to all information in one location.

We will ensure these objectives by:

  • Generating project-specific construction quality control plan and standards that define site personnel responsibilities.
  • Utilizing only quality-focused manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • Promoting effective communications across the project – – quality control is part of the discussion from start to finish.
  • Conducting weekly surveillance for construction QA, completing inspection and product test reports, controlling nonconformances by taking corrective actions, and providing project completion inspection.
  • Assigning a Project Management Team:
    • Executive Leadership – responsible for overall project QA/OC and limiting effect of schedule, performance, or cost on QA
    • Project Manager – responsible for C during design and construction
    • Engineering Manager – responsible for design QA/QC
    • Site Superintendent – responsible for construction C and is regularly trained on quality control management.

Quality Program Mission

Quality in everything we do is core to all our processes. At Precision Environments, quality is critical to the success of our business and our long-term sustainability

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